Graveborns Tower Guide


[Stages 1-100]

Just use Shemira!

Or try others for fun.

[Stages 101-200]

These stages require mostly only 5 heroes:


If you use the others you won't be able to progress as fast as the ones using the above team.

Signature item:

Ferael should have signature item priority to atleast +20 first.

Grehzul to +10 or +20 is also very necessary.

Thoran to just activation or +10 and Shemira and Nara can be +10.Shemira can also be +20 as this helps alot with damage and twisted realm.

The higher signatures are required later for the lategame stages for the stats.

Isabella to +20 after the others is also a good idea. Oden can also be decent with just +10 or +20.

Diamon is must have to +20 while Izold is amazing at +30.

Everntually all have to +30 for the stats.

Hero Usage:

Sometimes single target burst(Isabella) is required sometimes aoe overtime damage(Shemira). The other 4 are usually permanents in your team. Isabella is a good hero to +20 after the others. Oden though doesn't have enough damage as Isabella, his utility if he can survive is insane compared to Isabella and can be a repacement for isabella and Shemira. Some stages though will require to Use ( Shemira/ Isabella) with Oden and Ferael. The last 2 slots can be the 2 tanks or Nara too.

Average Heroes:

Baden and Isabella are very situational heroes. Both can be used in the later stages too but will not result in optimal progress. But with the recent buff to Dura's might, Baden becomes alot more usable in the later tower stages still not as good as others.

Bad Matchups:

Your worst enemies will be full Wilder teams with Tasi and dps like Eironn or Ira and healer like ulmus/ nemora amd Seirus can be really annoying to deal with too. Ezizh will also be really annoying without Isabella or Daimon bursting him down early on.

Team Cores:

Either keep Ferael or your dps Isabella/ Shemira/Daimon/Izold/Torne/Kelthur alive the whole match. Tanks can die and so can Nara but must atleast serve the purpose to cc and tanking long enough. Nara can shred a tanky unit if she stays alive. She is quite a monster!

Nara should always be put against the most annoying unit or the unit that your Thoran Curses.

Grehzul, Thoran , Izold all tank damage. All have special perks like summons, magic resistance, Curse, Ressurection, CC, insane heal etc.

Oden and Ferael are there for their insane utility that supports the dps (Isabella, Daimon, Izold, Shemira,Torne,Kelthur) To do all the damage.

Ferael +30 is insanely important for the tower. Without his healing reduction wilder stages are impossible that contain Nemora and Ulmus. Both super tanky and heal like monsters.

Elder Tree:

The elder is a very nice boost to all heroes, however you need it for alot of other places. So the only scenario you may use it for the towers is in the case where you reset your tree and buff up specific Virtues for a week or 2.

Shemira, Oden and Isabella do good damage so its always important to 20+ for mage tree .

Ranger is decently good for Ferael and Kelthur to survive more and small swords to do some damage. Fortitude is good as some tanks are super tanky so with +15 tank tree can stun alot with their kits.

Might is crucial to atleast +5 or +10. This makes Nara actually be able to kill very high level Nemora with Ulmus that she couldn't before the buff.

Counter Guide:

Nara :

Nara the enemy Nara before she chains you


Thoran Tanks it all! Daimon deals with it while Thoran tanks.


Nara chains


Ferael stuns or Oden energy steal.


Oden Energy steal, Isabella snipe, Daimon steal, Izold 1 shot, Torne whip.


Grehzul skeletons or Izold healing.


Nara with ( Isabella/ Ferael/Oden/Daimon ) support.


Oden can suck her energy while Shemira or Isabella tank her. Ferael helps Silvina do less damage while she is hitting the mage.


No counter, bad matchup. Pray to Rng that he doesn't murder your dps. Once Daimon or Izold set up, it becomes easy to kill Gorvo.


Daimin burst


Isabella burst or Daimon burst


Nara. If occupied with something else, good rng Ferael can stun her exactly when she ults. Nara doesn't let Mehira spawn the bats making her an amazing counter.


Shemira/Daimon/Izold/Torne/Nara while tanks distract

All other heroes like Mirael, Arden, Gwyneth,Morvus etc are countered by Nara.

And heroes like Belinda etc. With ferael.

Hero Placements:


Usually near enemies you want to fear or frontline if he has sufficient dodge and no dps enemy near him. Fine behind Thoran.


Backline.( Frontline only early game)




Backline, better if behind Grehzul

Nara :

against whatevee enemy you want to kill fast. Mostly always backline


where all burst enemies are.


The other frontline slot where Thoran isn't.


Anywhere he can survive


Anywhere he can survive


Anywhere he can survive


The target you want to displace

Perfect Gear Sets:

1 agility, and 1 mage sets and 2 strengh sets are all you need.

Ferael needs the dodge.

Nara/Izold/Torne/Daimon could use the extra stats.

The mages(Shemiea, Isabella, Oden) need to do damage. So their crit rating must be as high as possible.


You may merc a Thoran, Grehzul, Nara,Daimon,Izold,Torne,Kelthur or Oden.

However using a Merc shemira, Isabella or ferael isn't a great idea. Mercs don't have perfect faction gear. Hence, Ferael will never have enough dodge nor will the mages have enough crit to be useful. A +20 ferael with perfect agility gear is better than a +30 with no graveborn gear. Going from 500 to 700+ dodge is a huge deal for Ferael's survivibility as he cannot heal unlike others and graveborns don't have a healer yet.

[Stage 201-459]

These are team strategies for the endgame part of the tower. Here you have to make choices and really invest in heroes you want to go forward with. All the signature item and furniture item requirements stated below are the minimum for good team progress.

Set 1:Daimon support(Burst)

Core concept: Protect and support Daimon for him to ult and destroy the world.

Key heroes:

●Daimon +20/+30 SI and +3 FI is essential for Daimon to carry and survive.

● Ferael +20/+30 SI is amazing with Daimon as his health recovery reduction makes Daimon's shield give back almost nothing if its not destroyed. He is also great cc.


●Izold: +20 SI A frontline with cc to protect Daimon

●Thoran +20 SI is a Tank that is quite tanky and have 2 lives meaning more stall.

●Oden +20 SI is great cc and displacement.

●Nara +20 SI has great single target cc and energy steal.

●Grehzul +10/+20 SI is a good magic resistance tank when Izold can't take on too many mages.

●Kelthur +25 SI is a great secondary dps that can distract enemies really well.

Set 2: Izold carry(Stall)

Core concept: Support Izold until he can ult and stack his furniture. Don't let him be burst down.Silas the upcoming Gb healer will only make this team stringer as it boosts Izold's health recovery.

Key heroes:

●Izold +30 SI and +3/+9 FI i essential for him to carry hardcore.

● Ferael +20/+30 SI is amazing with Izold for his cc and energy steal.

●Oden +20 SI is essential for him to group up all enemies using his to get hit by Izold stacking noxious poison.


●Thoran +20 SI is a Tank that is quite tanky and have 2 lives meaning more stall.

●Nara +20 SI has great single target cc and energy steal.

●Kelthur +25 SI is a great secondary dps that can distract enemies really well.

Set 3:Thoran cheese(Cheese)

Core concept:Get Thoran to group near him and let him ult with his SI and tank loads of damage amd then refelct it back 1 shotring em.

Key Heroes:

●Thoran +30 SI +3/+9 FI for cheese consistency.

●Kelthur +25 for grouping up and extra damage.

Others :

Any hero to stall long enough let Thoran gain enough energy to ult.

Set 4: Kelthur Cheese(Stall)

Core concept: Let Kelthur survive till the end and with his SI stack his attack, letting him 3 shot tanks by the end.

Key heroes:

●Kelthur +30 SI and good gear.

●Thoran +20 SI and good gear to stall for Kelthur if he is already a ghost as Kelthur's ghost cannot exist without atleast 1 living ally. Thoran having 2 lives helps even more.


Any support to cc and stall for Kelthur to work his magic and do some initial damage.

Set 5: Thorne Group up( Continous damage)

Core concept: Let Thorne survive till the end as the last living ally and let him heal off the bones of his allies to become really tanky and heal chuncks of health. His damage with anti-heal ensures that he can carry the match.

Key heroes:

●Thorne +30 SI +3 FI for consistency on survival.

● Ferael +20/+30 SI is amazing with Thorne for his cc and energy steal.

●Oden +20 SI, most essential character to use. His void portals group up enemies so by the end Thorne can hit all enemies with his whip.


●Nara +20 SI has great single target cc and energy steal.

●Kelthur +25 SI is a great secondary dps that can distract enemies really well.

●Thoran +20 SI is a Tank that is quite tanky and have 2 lives meaning more stall.

Weaker sets:

Set 1:Shemira carry

Core concept:Shemira doesn't do reliable damage nor is ot easy for her to ult. Using is like playing hardmode in endgame unless your lvl defecit is below 50 lvls. No energy producers in graveborn so no hope for her.

Set 2: Isabella carry

Core concept: Shs does good damage and with +30 SI and +3 FI may seem to do a lot but is heavliy outclassed by all supeior sets due to Isabella being vulnerable to ccand very easy to kill. Her dps also falls off in comparison to Thorne, Izold and Daimon.

Found on r/AFKArena here.