Transitioning into the end game lvl 240+

In life people have many different problems which take many different approaches to solve. Even if 2 people struggle with the same problems, they may need to be solved differently as they can struggle with them differently. This makes it very hard to be able to help people since you may not know what they are going through.

Fortunately for us Afkarena is not life and we all DO face the same problems. We all face the same the same campaign and kings tower and the same solutions WILL work to overcome them. This is going to be somewhat of a guide and an idea thread for consistent strategies for transitioning to the "endgame" of past lvl 240 res crystal. I am not claiming to be the furthest in the game, or have perfect knowledge of it, but I've made it to ch 27 at a reasonable level and I have helped multiple of my guildmates transition post lvl 240 with many different comps. I am going to be covering the most reliable methods / team comps that I have used, and have seen others use lvl 240+ with great success. If you are further, or have information I missed, feel free to cover them in comments below. I will probably miss some stuff.

I am going to be acting like these are the only strategies/ comps for progressing as I am only going to be covering the most reliable methods I have used or seen. I fully acknowledge that there is no 1 required comp or unit to progress. I am not going to be recommending obscure strategies, even if they work, since this meant to be an online guide of sorts, and I want to only recommend the very best and most reliable ones, so if I don't cover your favorite unit or strategy, I am not saying they are bad and cannot work.

Now that that is out of the way, the guide.

Now that you have lvl 240+ units and probably around ch 23, you are transitioning to the end game. The meta changes, and I will be posting what works consistently. You are now going to be shifting away from just having shemira carry you since she is very ineffective for campaign at this point, and if you do succeed with her, that means you could have pushed that content at a lower level with other units/ strategies. You are now going to try to focus on building single faction team comps for the +5 fac bonus and since their kits just work very very well with eachother. Right away at ch 23 you probably wont be able to afford a full team of 5 ascended heroes, so it is generally advised to focus ascending tanks/dps and leaving your supports at lower ascension since they will still work. Of course higher ascension supports are optimal, but fodder doesn't grow on trees. A low ascension tank/dps will NOT work. A low ascension support CAN still work. Here are the main team compositions you should work towards:

Lightbearers: The main focus of the single faction lightbearer comp is to have Belinda carry you with rapid ultimates, or back to back ultimates. Even with powerful enemies in campaign, nothing without undying or shields is going to survive 2 belinda ults in rapid succession. The pool of units used in this team comp are: Lucius, Belinda, Rosaline, Rowan, Fawkes, and Estrilda. The optimal order of importance of ascension in my opinion is Lucius, Belinda, Rowan(to mythic), Fawkes, Estrilda, Rowan to ascended, and then rosaline. If things are flip flopped, it's not the end of the world, but Lucius and Belinda ascended by the time you are 240+ are pretty much required. If you noticed that this is more than 5 units, you are correct. You will not succeed in pushing campaign at a reasonable level if you just think you can get away with using both rowan and rosaline on the same team all the time for super easy ultimates. You will sometimes need fawkes/ Estrilda to to make a team work. If on a stage where you have to pick between rowan or rosaline, I have personally had more success with rowan, but whatever nets you the victory is king. The other lightbearer units CAN be used situationally, but are never required or as useful as those units I mentioned.

Signature item priorities: LB comp is the only strategy where your primary dps doesn't get your first +30. Belinda will work perfectly just fine with +20. Your priority to +30 is rowan for his broken signature item. Also note that it is HIGHLY recommended to maintain Belinda's SI above Lucius'. This is because Rosaline follows whoever has the highest power level, and if Lucius maintains his SI at the same level as Belinda, Rosaline will follow Lucius instead, which makes things VERY awkward. You will have to take off his dura artifact or use worse gear on your Lucius to make Rosaline follow Belinda, which is NOT desired. Yes Lucius has a decent SI, but it is a trap raising it too high if you use this strategy.

Wilders: If you made it this far into the game you have likely heard of the wilder trio of Lyca/Tasi/Nemora. This trio is still amazing 240+, but needs some other units to make it succeed. The main strategy is cc your opponents into oblivion while your dps tears your opponents apart. The most successful pool of units used for full wilder comp are Lyca, Tasi, Nemora, Eironn, with a very open 5th slot. Seirus, Ulmus, and Kaz can all be effective tanks in the 5th slot, or, as I will cover later, You can splash in a unit of another faction. You may have noticed this strategy doesn't really use 2 tanks. This is because you will generally dodge tank Lyca as a frontline, and have a true tank as your other frontline. You can also use Nemora placed behind the frontline of yours that is struggling to relieve pressure off of them with her charm while waiting for Tasi ult and your Eironn ult. You will need Lyca and Eironn to be ascended to be able to dodge tank and dps properly, with Tasi and Nemora ascensions being highly recommended at this point.

Signature item priorities: Your first +30 is going to be Eironn. You also will need Lyca to be at +20 since all the dps that go well with the wilder comp are agility based heroes (Eironn, Ferael, and Athalia) Nemora and Tasi don't have particularly potent signature items, but if you are maining wilder comp, you will still want to try to raise their SI's to boost their stats.

Graveborn: This is not a very successful mono faction team comp level 240+ at the time of this post. There are however very effective strategies using a graveborn hybrid team comp 240+ so I will cover the core Graveborn units used. Shemira isn't a very good unit in campaign anymore, even against full lightbearer comps, so don't try to force her here. The big 3 that you will want to raise are Ferael, Nara, and Thoran. Grezhul is also nice to have, but isn't required. The rest of the Graveborn units are niche and won't be covered. Ferael is competing for the spot of the most powerful dps level 240+ and is VERY desirable. You need him for any GB comp to do anything, and is the number 1 focus. He has an ability which drains the enemies' energy, attack, and cuts their health recovery. Nara's crowd control is insane and can essentially turn off whatever unit is mirrored to her. Once there is no unit she is cc'ing she will grab another victim very shortly after. Thoran is a wall that is very hard to get over, and can cheese some of the scarier mauler floors with his base signature item and his ultimate and can 1 shot entire teams, even very far in campaign. Grezhul isn't a requirement, but is just nice to have due to his insane survivability. The priority of ascension is Ferael, with Nara and Thoran being 2nd or 3rd in whichever order you can do, leaning towards Nara first. Ferael is splashable onto Lb comps and Wilder comps with great success. If you are trying to go more graveborn heavy, you are really going to want to splash in Celestial or Hypogean units onto your comp. Graveborn + Celestial and Hypogean units are a very very viable comp late game. The strategy is to have your frontline be a wall while Ferael drains and kills the entire enemy team. Mirror Nara to any pesky units that may disrupt this strategy, including Tasi or Silvina, who can't escape her for very long.

Signature item priorities: Your first +20 is Ferael. Your first +30 is Ferael. Ferael is the star of the show. After him, raise up Nara's SI. All Thoran really needs is his base signature item unlock to do what he does well. If you can afford spare +30's, his +30 ability is VERY nice but is always 2nd to Ferael's.

Maulers: So at the time of this post full Mauler comps kinda suck. The bird mauler mage coming out the patch after this post can very well change this, but he ain't out yet so Mauler comps are generally doodoo. What you will use maulers for 240+ is splashing the very best ones onto other team comps since there are a handful of maulers that are too powerful to ignore 240+. Safiya is the most desired mauler 240+ and is actually a solid option to pick as your first +30. Her SI allows her sustained damage to be insane, while her ultimate also dishes out a HUGE burst of damage that will burst down any team comps that have sustained healing. Every other mauler is just nice to have or unviable, so I will just cover the 4 most viable ones. Brutus, Skreg, Khasos, and Vurk. Brutus will always have a use as a niche tank for his 8-9 seconds of undying. There will always be those handful of stages where you will really want a Brutus splash for your other team comps. Skreg is VERY tanky and can strut through enemy teams disrupting them constantly. Khasos with a highly raise SI can carry with the right setup, but is very RNG reliant. Vurk SI has the highest attack scaling at +30 in game on his SI, and can do crazy amounts of sustained damage if not CC'd and is amazing for busting up teams with tons of shields.

Signature item priorities: Safiya +30 is a solid first pick, even if you use different comps.

Celestial/ Hypogeans: This is actually the dream team. Due to it's difficulty to create, it isn't viable to create for most players however. This doesn't mean it isn't strong or it's not more powerful than the other team comps. While a full celestial/ hypogean team comp may be a little much for most, pretending these heroes don't exist or can't be raised will "hurt" your progress since if you use them, you can progress content at a lower level. The 2 most reliable to obtain of these factions are Athalia, and Ezizh, and an ascended version of either can splash onto any of the other faction comps above with HUGE success. Pretty much most of Celestial/ Hypogean heroes can work on any team with great success. Wukong has recently been added, but not enough info or testing has been done with him from what I have seen to add him to this comp. Anybody who has him fully raised and would like to add their input on him, please do so in the comments below. A full celestial/ hypogean team comp will generally use Athalia, Talene, Twins, Ezizh, and Mehira. Another potent mix is Lucius, Rowan, Ezizh, Mehira, and the Twins. These team comps revolve around keeping the enemy team under the effects of Mehira ultimate, while cycling through your other ultimates to prevent the enemy team from ulting with Ezizh's "horrify" ability. Using these strategies you can easily prevent your enemy from using their ultimate a single time in a minute and 30 seconds long fight. As I am on ch 27, and don't spend thousands on this game, I can only say I've tested ascended Athalia, M+ Ezizh, ascended Mehira and Twins mercs. Looking at what the big spenders use, they generally don't pick Zolrath due to the extreme unreliability of his kit. The rest of this info is from what I have seen the big spenders use. Any more accurate from big spenders is welcome.

Signature item priorities. Reading through their SI's, the best 2 are Athalia and Mehira's at +30. If you are a big spender, or if t3 mats become way easier to obtain, Celestial and Hypogean SI's go to +40 and will outscale all other heroes of the 4 main factions if raised this high. Again, any more information from big spenders here is welcome.

Dimensionals: Currently Arthur is the only dimensional hero. He isn't really needed the moment you pass level 240, but as you progress further in campaign, he only gets more and more valuable due to his insane bulk. While he absolutely sucks in arena, the enemies in campaign can't turn him around so easily. Just note that he is VERY reliant on having his SI raised to bring anything to the team, otherwise he is just a meat shield that will bring absolutely nothing else to your team. Once you own him, you can buy dimensional gear in guild store for 84k coins a piece, and 50 t3 emblems for 64k lab coins. His SI at +30 is decent, and it doesn't compete with other +30's for resources since you can buy them from lab store. So if you own Arthur, and don't really need anything else from lab store, you can get him to +30 without preventing other better units from getting +30.

To progress successfully level 240+ you will NEED an end game DPS. The most reliable ones are, in no specific order, Athalia, Belinda, Eironn, Ferael, and Safiya. Others can, work, but these 5 WILL work. The more of these DPS you can raise, the better. Also note that the more of the single faction team comps you can make above, the better, as even the most meta team comps of mono fac LB, mono fac Wilder, or GB hybrid will struggle with certain stages, and the other comps will generally be able to beat it easily. I know I am focusing heavily on saying mono lb or mono wilder, but feel free to make a hybrid team comp of the highly recommended units from each of the 4 factions I mentioned above. Celestial/ Hypogean splashes are VERY recommended.

Now that you are level 240+ you are going to have to start using dodge tanks. Dodge tanks are having an agility hero have as much dodge as possible and tank with them. The idea is that they can dodge a lot of damage that would be fatal to even your best tanks. This is rng reliant, but is essential for progression later on if you want to progress at a reasonable level. All agility heroes have base 0 dodge. Even Kaz has base 0 dodge if you look at her stats on the hero page. She gains the dodge from her ability the moment a battle starts. The only 3 ways to increase dodge is gear, Dura's Grace, or certain Signature items. You will want at least full M+ gear(soon to be known as MT1 gear) on a hero to dodge tank them. Dodge is a powerful stat that lets you dodge auto attacks and even most abilities like Athalia's impact, which would otherwise kill the unit mirrored to her. This means agility heroes make amazing frontline options level 240+ in campaign.

There is also a mechanic in the game that I will call flinching. If you know the actual name, let me know. This is where if a unit takes a large chunk of damage, their abilities, and even their ultimates can be canceled. This works for both sides. So a well timed piece of burst damage can be used to cancel things that would prevent you from winning, or can cancel your abilities. Also note that the "mspd" stat is haste. Haste makes you move a little quicker, but most importantly attack quicker and getting around to using your abilities quicker. If you feel like a unit is just ever so slightly too slow to get around something, or use an ability of theirs quick enough, see if you can increase the unit's haste through better gear that boosts mspd, Dura's call, or raise certain SI's that boost mspd.

You are going to desire stars and highly raised SI's on your best units. This will allow you to progress campaign at a lower level. While star hunting before 240 res crystal isn't recommended, 100% star hunt your most used units now that you are beyond 240 res crystal.

The 5 most usable Dura artifacts are, in no order, Call, Eye, Blade, Chalice, and Grace. Drape and Conviction are more niche and will be used less across campaign. What is best on who depends on your units, the enemies units, your placement, the enemies placement, and your levels/ SI's raised. So do your own testing to see what works best. Chances are you will have to swap them around as much as every single floor.

There are upcoming updates to the library which seem to give heroes extra abilities and stats. This will also let you progress campaign at a lower level. I wouldn't worry too much about how it will change the meta, since these strategies worked before the update, so they will work after.

I may have missed some important info. Anything else further players have to add please comment below. Please let me know in the comments below if you see anything inaccurate as well. I tried to keep this post unbiased as possible. However I will say that I personally pushed a majority of campaign with Lightbearer comp with an Athalia splash, and the times that failed, I fell back on wilder comp. This doesn't mean that is the optimal setup, it is just what I personally used since RNG handed me those units. There are other level 240+ resources out there, I am just hoping to add to the information out there on further in campaign.

Found on r/AfkArena here.

Credits to u/50afkarenagems