Celestial Isles Event Information

My previous post didn't go all to well as I had rushed and missed some crucial information, as such I'm making a new one.

One of the reason's I'm making this is so some can plan in advance.

I'll explain how much Keys you can expect to get from Daily Quests and the Voyage of Wonders for both Free to Play users and Pay to Play users.

If you want the Basic information you can view it here: The Celestial Isles Event

Please feel free to leave feedback as I'm new at making these kinds of posts

The amount of Keys from AFK Rewards may vary depending on what stage you're on. That being said I've gotten 4 within the first 3 hours of the event being live on the Test Server. So it could be RNG dependant as I'm on Stage 10.

As expected you can gain much more if you were to spend a bit. But IS NOT REQUIRED!


As you can see in the image, you can gain 112 for just 14$ USD. and if you were to spend max you'd gain more than double what you could gain F2P. This is not including keys from AFK rewards.

**^Prices will depend on your local currency^**

For those who are new this is what you can expect:

this is the default layout of each island. 6x6=36 x 10 = 360 Keys if you were unlucky to need all 36 keys for each island.

As for the rewards you can choose it depends on what stage you're at as some things may be locked for you at the time.

are the rewards for Floors 1-9 with all content unlocked

are the rewards for floor 10. Right now I do not know if you have to cycle through another 9 floors before you can get an elite reward but that's what I assume. I could be wrong, however.

after having a brain I had a look and found this in the info panel for the event.

my estimation with this info (Assuming you don't have terrible luck) you should be able to get maybe 2 of the rewards on floor 10.

this is the Red chest from the Voyage of Wonders.

Found on r/AFKArena here.