Abyssal Expedition Relic Calculator, Relic Priority & Tenacity Guide, and some Gouldos comps!

Hi everyone! The fluffiest mod in town is here with some useful stuff for you :)

First of all, big thanks to Argurius from Casuals, u/50afkarenagems, and u/meitorite (Casuals Mom, GM, and friendly mod) for their help in compiling data for the Relic Calculator. Big thanks to my fellow Casuals family for their hard work and innovation regarding comps for Gouldos and for teaching me what I needed to make this.

Abyssal Expedition Relic Calculator

Here is the link to the Relic Calculator I built: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18ihUalNycWmGoduUzIOU-q22PI6g-GEGcps9Ppvx0Ns/edit?usp=sharing

To make use of it, simply click the link, click "File" in the top left, click "Make a copy" in the drop-down list, and follow the legend.

This calculator is intended to help you keep track of which relics to keep, which to sell, and to make sense of your overall progress to relic completion all in one (hopefully) easy to use sheet.

As you fill in the blue fields, the calculator will update. The "Sellable" columns tell you which relics you can sell and exactly how many to sell. The far-right column labeled "Total Purple Relics Needed" keeps a running total of what relics you have left and highlights completions in Green for your convenience.

This Relic Calculator is set up to provide data for only Sustenance, Celerity, and Might relics as they are generally the strongest. If you would like to use this for Sorcery, you can simply put "Yes" in the "Have it?" column for might. This will allow you to keep track of relics for the other two branches. You can manually deal with the Sorcery relics. If enough demand is generated, I may consider updating this with an option for Sorcery in the future.

Edit: any purple or legendary relic not on the sheet can be sold or used in other branches for quest purposes (only need the purple ones for this so sell all unlisted legendary relics)

Relic Priority & Tenacity Guide

When it comes to Relic Priority, there are a couple of key things to know.

  1. Celerity, Might, and Sustenance are the branches you should generally pursue. Sorcery is only useful if you're extremely early game and don't have much of a hero pool. Heroes like Warek, Saurus (even without his +30), Wukong, Baden, and Estrilda are excellent for bosses.

  2. Tenacity is extremely important for dealing with Gouldos. It allows your heroes to potentially resist his mind control, insanity cc thingy.

  3. The particular sweet spot for Tenacity is 189. The below image outlines the relics you need to hit 189 Tenacity. It requires no relics in might, Conquest Eternal Relic in Celerity, and Legacy of the Fallen in Sustenance. (You can technically achieve this using the belt in Celerity but keeping Sustenance tenacity higher will prevent cc on Celerity to allow for more damage)

  4. Following these relics, the relic in Green for Might gives a large amount of tenacity and is generally very useful (particularly if pursuing the Izold comp outlined below)

  5. After that, the relics in purple have Tenacity as well but, honestly, aren't all that necessary (particularly the Sustenance ones). At this point, it's more worth it to pump celerity or might up a lot to maximize damage.

  6. Only upgrade your relics when you're going to hit Gouldos. Otherwise, save stamina and essence. You'll be able to get relic drops during this time. When you feel you're ready, buy all the cheaper relics in your preferred class and go hard!

Tip: You can see how much tenacity you have per branch by clicking the little info button on each branch when looking at your relics.

Tip 2: The Relic Calculator has a little cheat sheet to remind you which mythic relics to get for 189 tenacity!

Some Gouldos Comps

This isn't an all-inclusive guide into Gouldos comps. I'll just be listing a few that are meta and then talking about some breakout comps that have been discovered.

  1. Drez/Saurus/Warek/Rowan/Twins & Drez/Cecilia/Twins/Warek/Saurus . Drez has been a major breakout star in this Abyssal expedition. Although he isn't better than Warek for TR, he has really shined in Celerity damage for Gouldos fighting.

  2. Athalia/Cecilia/Twins/Warek/Saurus & Athalia/Cecilia/Twins/Warek/Rowan. This is the more budget comp if you aren't whaley enough to build Drez out the gate (even though Drez is super awesome at low ascensions here)

  3. Eironn/Cecilia/Twins/Warek/Rowan. Ultra budget comp. Useful if you don't have Athalia at high ascension and esp. if not at +30. I recommend trying out Athalia and this to see what works best for you.

  4. IZOLD 3/9 Furniture*.* Izold has been a massive breakout star in this Abyssal Expedition. His 3/9 furniture allows him to rack up large amounts of damage. The nice part about this is he doesn't really even need support or too many relics to do this. I've seen quite a few screenshots with 3/3 Izold with 3 or even 0 Might relics going hard. I've even seen screenshots of just Izold by himself (with a couple Might relics) doing like 500m damage. Very strong hero for a secondary team if you have been building him for his weird pushing ability too.

Hope you find this helpful!

That's all from me today, folks! Hope you find this useful and enjoyed it. If there's anything you need clarification on, just ask in the comments

P.S. if you really want me to add Sorcery for next Abyssal Expedition round, let me know :3

Found on r/AfkArena here.

Credits to u/zeedafluff