A Thoran Cheese guide

Thoran is a fun champ to use. He takes a little bit more thought than the meta shemira comp. It is extremely rewarding to smash and kill all of your opponent in a single shot.

Your general goal is to gather all enemy in front of thoran. This could be accomplished by Eironn, Kelthus, Nara. These three heroes will pull enemy hero from there back line to your front line.

Thoran's main damage comes from his ult after he unlock his sig at mythic. It's good if you can get him to +30 sig, but he's totally usable as long as his sig is unlocked. (I have'nt get him to 30 sig yet too, would greatly appreciate if someone could lend me thoran 30 sig for hard stages like kt305)

I'm currently in chapter 24 with an ascended Thoran, level 240, sig 20.


-High damage, burst and AOE.

-CC/debuffs at revive-Curse an enemy upon entering battle

-Strong SI - his SI is extremely strong upon unlocked, and is what make him a valuable carry.

-Can Frontline/DPS - if all of a sudden you decided to not use Thoran as your main DPS, he could also work well as a good frontline tank.

-Easy obtainable from lab points


-Takes some thinking to play

-Requires some RNG for him to be able to deal massive damage to enemy

Best team comp :

Eironn, Kelthus, Lorsan, Lyca/Rowan

I use this comp at average level 220 to push through half of chapter 24

Possibly sub-ins:

Brutus, Ezizh, Athalia, Nara, Shemira.

How to beat :

Enemy team are full ranged attackers

  1. pulls KT 299

  2. courting envy CH24-32

Enemy team are full Physical attackers/ Thane invulnerable attackers

  1. get rid of your Weapon and Armor AFK 24-25

  2. get rid of your useless other heroes KT 300 ( If you check nothing else out, please check this one, beat this with only 3 champ)

Enemy team has Brutus

  1. Nara KT 303

  2. Solo Brutus CH24-11

  3. Lorsan CH24-17

If you're still a believer of Shemira over everything, try check out my videos on Thoran CH 24 first.

I'm saying Thoran could beat all Chapters before CH24 too, its just, I didn't figure out this way earlier.

Found on r/AFKArena here.